Website Design

A website is your best advertising tool. More and more users look to the Internet to search for information, products or services, so, having a well-defined, efficient and user-friendly website will enhance your business and help you gain more customers. It truly is your best marketing tool and one of the most important investment that a business can make.    

Benefits of a website: 

  • Your business card to the world
  • Whether a personal website or a business website it will showcase your message for everyone to find
  • Generates business for you
  • Has a huge demographic reach
  • Around the clock availability for your products or services
  • Consumer convenience
  • Increased sales
  • Business credibility
  • Shows examples of your products or your work
  • Allows for testimonials to show others you’re dependable and/or have quality products or services
  • Cost effective

Website requirements:

  • Domain name
  • Business email address
  • Website hosting
  • Website Design
  • Logo Design
  • High quality, well defined images for a website
  • Good design, color, navigation, positioning and outline, mobile ability, typography and usability
  • Good content with explanation and good image support
  • Good navigation
  • Call to Actions (CTAs)

The first impression happens within seconds and your website should have a clean, fresh, well-defined look. Visitors will leave immediately if it’s busy or overloaded with too many images, animations, colors and too much text.    

What makes a good website?

  • Simple, clean, to the point and surrounded by whitespace is the most effective design for users to stay interested. Busy, loud or too much on a page often distracts and causes visitors to leave.
  • Successful websites have a modern look, good usability, SEO, good content and good integration
  • A good website is easy to read, navigate and understand, well organized and has an attractive design with a consistency or colors, typography, imagery and functionality.
  • Clean, clearly defined content ensures visitors stay and increases credibility. The old saying, precise and concise still goes for good content to keep visitors from leaving. Too much text loses people.

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